Henry Family Roots

   He who knows from whence he came, knows where he is going.”

African Proverb


    Learning about what happened in the past can be interesting, beneficial and difficult.  Memories of events fade, and records are lost.  However, it is beneficial and interesting to record memories for future years in a record that will last through the ages for our descendants.

The Children of Houston and Lee Anna Henry

From Left:  Margie, Houston Eugene, Lee Anna, James, Brenda, Alice Faye, Lawrence, Nora, Hallie, Louis, and Lena Frances.


The Henry Family Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

The Henry Family is Born - Houston Henry and Lee Anna Barnett

The beginning of a wonderful journey!

Nora Lee

Born August 22, 1932

Lena Frances

Born January 13, 1934

Margie Dolline

Born December 27, 1936

Houston Eugene

Born January 4, 1939

James Walter

Born June 13, 1941

Hallie Ann

Born May 20, 1943

Lawrence Edward

Born February 14, 1945

Louis Early

Born March 20, 1947

Alice Faye

Born January 22, 1951

Brenda Louise

Born March 22, 1952


   Help complete the Henry Family History!  In order to develop and maintain a complete family history, I rely on family members to provide historical details and information that may not be widely known.  If you have additional information to add contact me at [email protected]