Welcome Family & Friends!!!

     This website is dedicated to the Henry, Williams, and Barnett families, and anyone who is a relative or friend of Houston and Lee Anna Henry of Greensburg, Kentucky.  Become a member and share information about events and news going on in the family, start discussions, and view and upload pictures and videos.

"In every conceivable manner,

the family is the link to our past, and the

bridge to our future."  -- Alex Haley, author of Roots

Houston & Lee Anna Henry

The Purpose

   There is an old saying, “the family is our refuge, our springboard… our link to the past, our bridge to the future.” No family represents this better than the Henry Family.  I hope this website will help to fortify the love, traditions, and unique bonds that make us all whole.  

   By creating this website, my goal is to maintain a family presence on the web and stay connected with each other regardless of how far apart we may live. I hope to strengthen the bonds between family members by providing a centralized place for information and news about family reunions. I will also provide space for announcements and other happenings related to the family.

    This website is ever evolving and will be under construction at certain points.  Please take a moment to browse the site and let me know what you think. Feel free to send any comments and suggestions on ways to improve the site.

~Andrea (Cookie) Jenifer-Hughes